Published March 9, 2015

Moving Up

The Truth About Getting Ahead in America

<p> When we truly understand where we&rsquo;ve come from, it does two wonderful things: we become more appreciative of our own life and more likely to help others with theirs. In short, it makes us happier and more giving.</p> <p> On these pages are digestible bites of content that look at the nuance of individual success stories, slices of social science, and clipped moments from the author&rsquo;s own life to illustrate a case in point. It covers the obvious influences (hard work, family, education and health) and the not so obvious (your birth weight, acts of fate, belief systems and buffers).</p> <p> Borrowing a page from author and neighbor Seth Godin, the project is forgoing the traditional top down publisher route and instead being shared horizontally, from friend to friend &ndash; and for free. The point is to just put this out there, to create something of meaning and let you determine its value.</p> <p> The goal is to start a more realistic conversation about what success looks like and how we achieve it. It starts with the people closest to us. It starts with you.</p>
By Robert McKinnon